Youtubers to watch for 2016

The 2 main You tubers I’ve been watching this years have been:

I Hate Everything: The videos are worth watching for his accent alone.

The You tube channel I watch the most is:

Grade A under A: His crappy drawing  made in MS paint to his accent just add to the humour of the videos.


Poem: Regret

funny-memes-Shelia-regretsRegrets gnaw

voices snark

feelings haunt

tears burn

If only to reverse the clock

uncry salty tears of sorrow and desperation

unchain from shadows and nightmares

embark on a brave new life.

(c) 2015


Poem: Love came

urlLove came

when the rain fell

the sun beamed on you

it opened my eyes

you stopped my rain.

(c) 2015

Poem: Perfidious

98980_v0_460xYou smile at me with sunshine eyes

that hide the lies inside.

Venom tongue stabs my deep

yearning for


(c) 2015.

advice duck

The forest


I wake to the symphony of the forest. The bluebirds singing, the grasshoppers chirping, the trees swishing in the breeze. I look up at the tree that shelters us in the rain and covers us in the snow.

I frolic with my deer family. We eat berries from the brambles and splash the cool water in each other’s fur. The sun is high and warm. She is a smiling friend that I turn to constantly.

I get a tingling along my spine, then I hear mum screaming. I run towards her. My brother blocks my way and tells me to go to the forbidden place. Where’s mum? He has no answer as he pushes me into the bushes. I see something shiny in the woods. It is the humans with loud metal monsters. They are intent on destroying our forest. It doesn’t matter where we run. They are always there. Never ending.

I hear the tree that has been my home all my life crash to the ground. I am gone before the last leaf hits the ground. The tears sting as they force their way out, like the men force their way in with their machines. Tears blur my vision but I run. I don’t know where I’m going, but something in me makes me run. I can’t stop. I hear drums and I run. My heart pounds in my ears and I run.

I stop at the forbidden place. It is the path full of human machines. I hesitate to cross. I look to the side and see my friend the bluebird. He has been silenced by the machines and will sing no more. I grip his body gently in my teeth and drag him into the bushes to wait for my brother.

It becomes darker, the noise stops. The humans leave with their machines. I emerge with bluebird and find my home. It is destroyed. I call for my mum and the bluebird drops from my mouth into a pile of broken bloodied bones on the ground. I notice her lying on the dirt. She is lifeless like the bluebird. The tree I used to call home, that gave me shelter and life, has taken it from her. The animals gather around us and hum softy. I try to wipe the blood off her face with my hoof, but the tears do a better job.

(c) 2014. This short story has been published previously on my old blogs.


From writing class #1


The sound pierces my ears. I cover them with my hands. It intensifies the echo. I cant shut it out.

It will drive me crazy soon.

I shove my fingers in my ears. The nails are sharp and shreds the delicate skin.

Drops of blood run down my wrists, but I don’t notice. My only thought is to block out the noise.


Nightime is not my friend


Night time is a jungle. The darkness in my room meets the darkness in my mind.

A secret door is opened and all manner of horrors released. to roam free. Memories all distorted that haunt me.

A giant spider with hairy legs looms over trying to catch me. His intention is to eat me, or worse.

a dark room, maybe a cave, that would give Tim Burton nightmares, rises up. I run away but behind me other run, screaming.

I wake in sweat and look at the street light then lean over to turn on the lamp. The light has saved me. Light has banished them back to the crevices of my mind, behind closed doors.

But they wait, menacing. they know night will fall, then they will have their way again. Free.