I am a writer

I am a

I am a writer. Words are my life. Thoughts are my dreams. Letters are my prayers.

I care not about avarice, nor your petty problems and ugly tongue.

My concern is the sun and moon, the ebb and flow, the wind and tide. The seasons drifting by as my pen scratches across the paper and my fingers dance across the keyboard.

Beautiful words and thoughts fill my heart as air fills my lungs with life. I bathe in them like salty ocean spray and embrace the happiness they give. The music of words fills my ears like a Vivaldi symphony and make my heart want to sing out loud.

Words are a part of me. An old friend. A new enemy. Every day is a struggle with shadows to find the perfect meaning to express a sea of emotion with only the word.

Poem (c) Olivia Brown 2014.


Enjoy a brownie...

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