Alphabet story


As I ran for the train, I became puffed.

But I was late.

Cold rain dripped on to my shoulders and I looked up.

Don’t stand in the road a man yelled out.

Every cell in my body froze as I looked at the man.

Forgive me I said.

Good bye he said.

He returned to his car and drove away.

I watched his car become smaller and smaller on the horizon, then disappear.

Jay walking has never been my thing, but today I did it.

Kicked up the water as it soaked my shoes and socks.

Loved every second of it.

Man walked over to me as I was making lots of noise, so I stopped.

Never be ashamed of your childish innocence, the handsome man said.

Olivia is my name I said.

Peter is mine, nice to meet you.

Queer pair we made, splashing and stomping through the rain together.

Rain continued as we walked to the train.

Stop he said, please let me walk you home.

Train came and went as we laughed and walked home.

Up in the sky, angels were smiling down on us.

Very happy they did.

Walked all the way home and had dinner together.

Xylophone music played in the background.

You look beautiful, I’m glad I met you.

Zoo was our first date.

(c) 2014.


Enjoy a brownie...

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