Its alive! My novella is finally for sale

I just checked my email (again) to find a reply from the ASA (Australian Society of Authors) to say that my novella is for sale now. I’m so happy. If you want to buy a copy, the official page is here:

Its available in ePub and mobi files, so I hope it works on all types of ebook devices.

I really hope my readers think its funny.

Just Saturday Nights 200kb


A pumpkin for Halloween

I’ve been learning how crop photos in Pinta and Gimp software. I started with this photo:

Halloween pumpkin 1 logoThen I cropped it to this shape to take out the basin the pumpkin was sitting on:

Halloween pumpkin 1 logo crop

Then I cropped the right side trees out to see what it would look like:

Halloween pumpkin 1 logo cropped

I’m also interested in photography

I’ve been interested in photography since I was young. My mum bought me a camera and I’ve been taking photos ever since. I don’t have a particular genre in mind, although, I do love the moon. I call my moon photos Moontography.

I’ve been trying to learn how to use Gimp. Its free photo editing software on Linux.

Moon sky  logo edit3

I own a Nikon coolpix at the moment, but I’m planning to upgrade when I have enough money. I like my compact camera, but I want something with more optical zoom that will take great looking photos but also be easy to use.

Moon sky  logo original

Text and photos (c) 2014.

Other cover ideas

Before I purchased my ebook cover, I tried to make my own. I scoured the internet for free public domain backgrounds and fonts. I wanted a dark blue indigo background with a night scape with a moon, and a skyline of Sydney.

I was able to crop the background I found into a decent picture. The original was an svg file so I had to save it as a different file format. Then I tried adding text:

cover test 1

cover test 3words cropped

cover black ch(c) 2014.

Poem: Indigo

meme indigo crayon

Deep in the indigo of


I run,



in the long grass,

free of your ropes,



safe from forked tongues

and dishes.


LLama font


I found another font I want to share with my Brownies: Llama

I don’t know what this could be used for, maybe a book about Llamas, but that’s about it. I think children would enjoy colouring in the Llamas but other wise I think its just for fun.

The creators have a strange sense of humour. Be sure to check out the who, what and why links at the bottom.

I can’t copy the font, but its worth going to the site to write words in Llama alphabet.

(c) 2014.


New ebook cover: Just Saturday nights

Its finally here!

After me struggling to make my own covers in Gimp and Pinta, I found a website that has premade covers and you can pick the one you like.  I’m glad I tried to make my own and I’ll continue learning, but for now, I needed to pay a professional to make one.

I’m very excited, here it is: Just Saturday Nights 2 AMAZON LARGE

I think the cover really does my novella justice. The storm clouds and umbrella symbolise the trouble Sam and Mark go through and the purple is a bit dark and mysterious so you can’t see what will happen in the future.

Will they have a happy ending? I’ll guess  you’ll just have to buy it 😉

I can’t believe I finally have a cover for my novella. I’ve been writing the thing since 2006, so its been a long time and now I’m so close to publishing it. I really hope all my readers enjoy it and think its funny.

I hope everyone likes my new cover, stayed tuned because my ebook will be published soon. If you want to read the teaser:

Thanks, enjoy and please share this as much as you like.

(c) 2014