New ebook cover: Just Saturday nights

Its finally here!

After me struggling to make my own covers in Gimp and Pinta, I found a website that has premade covers and you can pick the one you like.  I’m glad I tried to make my own and I’ll continue learning, but for now, I needed to pay a professional to make one.

I’m very excited, here it is: Just Saturday Nights 2 AMAZON LARGE

I think the cover really does my novella justice. The storm clouds and umbrella symbolise the trouble Sam and Mark go through and the purple is a bit dark and mysterious so you can’t see what will happen in the future.

Will they have a happy ending? I’ll guess  you’ll just have to buy it 😉

I can’t believe I finally have a cover for my novella. I’ve been writing the thing since 2006, so its been a long time and now I’m so close to publishing it. I really hope all my readers enjoy it and think its funny.

I hope everyone likes my new cover, stayed tuned because my ebook will be published soon. If you want to read the teaser:

Thanks, enjoy and please share this as much as you like.

(c) 2014



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