My Thanksgiving wishes

Moon face name

Grateful: feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received. Originally from gratitude.

Today all over America, people are preparing to break bread with loved ones and celebrate everything they have to be grateful for. Although we don’t celebrate thanksgiving down under, I have a few things I’m grateful for and a few wishes.

1. My health. I’ve had illness this year, so I appreciate when I can breathe deeply and walk without pain.

2. I’m grateful for quiet, which is fleeting and almost non existent recently.

3. I wish for peace and harmony in the world.

4. I wish people would think for themselves and not blindly follow one human or a book. You have the right to ask questions and to find answers and seek happiness.

5. I wish all the terrorism and violence in the world would stop.

6. I wish everyone in the world would be civil to eachother. You don’t need to like everyone, just be respectful and try to get along. And don’t be rude or inconsiderate, especially with noise.

7. I wish people would buy my book and think its funny. Even though I’ve never made a cent from writing and I need the money, I’ve dropped the price by half for Christmas, so please have a look:

8. I wish to make enough money to move to the country. Its the only thing I’ve ever wanted, apart from having my novella published. Where I live now is cramped, crowded, very noisy and depressing. It has effected my health, sanity and sleep. But I still have hope things will improve.

Have a happy thanksgiving everyone. What are you grateful for? What is your wish?



Poem: Wake


Wake in sweat

heart in throat

roll over

light is my saviour

hand on chest

mouth dry

breathing deep

tears falling.

I stand to find the light

struggling to fight the fog

and hide from the shadows

in my mind.


Poem: Clown

Bird an babies 2 logo

I am a clown playing a part.

I laugh for you but its on demand,

its not of me.

It comes from fear, sadness, longing, loneliness,

which you exploit.

You care not for my feelings,

only for what money can buy.

So you cut me with your callous words and

barbwire fingers.


Poem: I look

Bird and babiesI look at young girls

with eyes of green and a

heart of blue

and feel betrayed by life,

for knocking me down and

wasting away my precious baby moments,

eating away

the part of me that

wants to live.


Poem: Blood

grumpy cat blood






trickling down

yet you still



hack away

till I am a raw bloody shell

of salt water and bones


Poem: I climb

orange sunset nameI climb

feet slipping

arms aching

heart low.

An indigo sky mocks

me from a distance,

conspiring with the grey clouds

in my head.


Poem: Sunshine

Sunset 1 nameI watched the sun break through the clouds.

Her face slowly peered, allowing her beautiful golden warmth to touch my skin and

ease my soul.

I lay back on the grass and thought,

is this God?

Then the clouds moved and her full face beamed.

I smiled.