Author interview


What is your favourite colour?

I like blue. But not any blue, the blue of a shadow. The blue of the night sky.

So blue?

The indigo of evening.

What is your favourite music?

A symphony of jazz.

Will all your answers be like this?

Like what?

Okay. What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Don’t aspire, do.

Is that all?

Don’t aspire, perspire.

Okay. Anything else?

Read everything and nothing.

What does that mean?

I think its pretty self explanatory.

Actually its not. I’d say its the opposite of self explanatory. Could you please explain it for non writers?

Let your ears listen to your heart sing.


Let your heart thump to the beat of it’s own drummer.

But what does does that-

You need to ask yourself, is loving you really the right thing to do?

Aren’t they song lyrics?


By Fleetwood Mac?

You can call it another sunny, if you want to.

Lonely day?

Oh dear, no need to be lonely, no matter how badly you dress.

No, wait, no. The lyrics are . look forget it.



Enjoy a brownie...

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