Youtubers to watch in 2015

I’ve watch a lot of Youtube videos lately and I wanted to share some channels I like:

Rhett & Link: With silly challenges like will it doughnut? and songs like My hair goes up, how could you not like the nicest men on the internet?

Cinemassacre: I’ve been watching the angry video game nerd for many years and like watching his frustration at stupid games. I feel that way about nearly all games since I’m really bad at playing them.

Danger Dolan: I found Dolan last year through his countdown videos, like 15 controversially banned cartoons or 15 dumbest laws in the world. He is an Australian and a red headed rat rooter with no soul.

Last week tonight: I’m so grateful to John Olivier for uploading his show to Youtube. Its great to be able to watch an American show,  even if its weeks old. I like a criminal just because you want to keep up with American events and comedy. Why can’t other US Tv channels do the same thing?

Dr Tran: I watched this many years ago but recently was reminded of it. Its still as funny, strange, and confusing as I remember.



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