Nightime is not my friend


Night time is a jungle. The darkness in my room meets the darkness in my mind.

A secret door is opened and all manner of horrors released. to roam free. Memories all distorted that haunt me.

A giant spider with hairy legs looms over trying to catch me. His intention is to eat me, or worse.

a dark room, maybe a cave, that would give Tim Burton nightmares, rises up. I run away but behind me other run, screaming.

I wake in sweat and look at the street light then lean over to turn on the lamp. The light has saved me. Light has banished them back to the crevices of my mind, behind closed doors.

But they wait, menacing. they know night will fall, then they will have their way again. Free.



Poem: Dear clouds


Dear clouds

please part

let the sun in

just a small shaft of light,

a glimmer of hope,

to help me along

this dark